The Lantern Festival(元宵节)

Давеча, моя подруга из Китая специально для мне сделала пост о празднике небесных фонариков, подобно которым так неудачно мы пускаем иногда на набережной. Я даже немного позавидовал, только что отметили такой красочный Китайский новый год и опять им масленица, а у нас ближайший праздник только в мае.

Фото сделаны на телефон HTC в городе Shaoxing.

Переводить, к сожалению, некогда. Кто не может перевести воспользуйтесь услугами переводчика от Google. А те кто владеет английским в совершенстве не судите строго, помните это Китайский английский.

A Chinese traditional festival—the Lantern Festival, is usually celebrated on the 15th day of the 1st month in the new year. It began during the East Han Dynasty (more than 2000 years ago). Having been told that monks observed Buddha and Buddhist relics and lit lanterns as a way of respecting the Buddha on this day, the Emperor Ming who advocated the Buddhism ordered that common people must light lanterns in this special evening in the palace and in each and every house. Then Han Wen Emperor (BC 202- BC 157) officially named it. Later, Han Wu Emperor (BC 156- BC 87) set the 15th day of the first month in a new year as God Tai-yi’s festa fete-day. God Tai-yi ruled the whole universe in the very ancient times. It’s also called «the Shang yuan Festival». Whatever, the Lanterns Festival growed more and more prosperous year after year.
How do people celebrate the Lanterns Festival? On such a big event, families usually dine together, enjoying the signt of lanterns and guess lantern riddles. Here goes my story. I was going to help my friend sell lanterns. What a brilliant idea! Why didn’t I sell lanterns? We could cash in from it. There was holding a  grand event! On the Xiao shan Street! Crowding into the human torrent streaming, I took quite a lot of photos.
psbThe Lantern Festival

Here are different kinds of lanterns.

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These are rice balls. We call it «Tangyuan». Tngyuan in Chinese has a similar pronunciation with «Tuanyuan”, meaning reunion.

rice balls "Tangyuan

rice balls "Tangyuan

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